Thursday, 14 July 2011

QuizMaster Pet Hates!

As much as I, am most readers of this blog, love quizzes there are a few strong pet hates I have when it comes to quiz night and one of my biggest one is when the quizmaster "gives the answer away".  Now this can only happen with a certain type of question. Ill you give my latest example....

Question - Which fictional TV character comes from the planet Gallifrey? (Cue a sigh in the quiz crowd)

Now straight off I knew this, answer was down on the paper before the sigh from the larger older teams had stopped. The quiz master should have left it there but he didn't....................

"Its easier than it sounds......" he said before moving onto to saying...."I like watching him on Saturdays on the BBC"..........(Pause)..."although I used to like the old ones better than since they brought it back a few years ago"

Now, this I must say annoyed me. As I have said before I am not one of these ultra-competitive, win at all costs type of quiz player but I like a fair quiz and to me this isnt fair. The quizmaster clearly knew that over half the room did not like the question and did not know the answer.....but giving them clues was really frustrating for me. First off, I knew the answer which made it a bit worse but secondly this was the only question of the night in which he did this.....questions I didnt know did not result in a  massive sigh from me.

So basically for the 70% at least in the room who had no idea of the name of the character afetr his clues they know knew it was

a) A Male
b) On BBC
c) On Saturday
d) It used to be on tv but was brought back recently

That leaves of course only one show it could be....................Most teams ended up getting it.

So my pet hate number 1 is clues for questions when they shouldn't be needed!

Any other quizzers have pet hates?

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