Friday, 15 July 2011

New Quiz Excitement !

I have mentioned before that quiz day always brings an extra spring in my step. Having the quiz to look forward to in the evening makes the day pass quicker and gives me something to look forward too, which is especially pertinent in this time when I face redundancy in just under 8 weeks time.

But there is one type of quiz that gets me more excited......a new quiz!

After the plans have been made to attend a quiz we have never been to before, the excitement builds even earlier than normal. What type of quiz will this be? Whats the standard? Wondering if that nights new quiz is going to become a regular haunt and will that one jackpot question come out you actually know and can qalk away with a pricely sum?

This has backfired before as I have mentioned when you walk into a new quiz and win.....I have had accusations of cheating, comments about my age (25) and "bloody students" remarks even though I have been a student for 4 years. 

Sure there will be looks here and there, regular winners will give you a wild west type look down to check out their new competition and the dangers of sitting in the regular players seats are more prone, but nevertheless the anticipation of walking into a new quiz and taking part is second to none.

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