Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Positive Side Effect from Quiz Trippers!

Although Quiz Trippers has not been received very fondly by all there has been on noticeable occurrence that has happened in my local area this week.......a rise in attendance of local quizzes with more than one person claiming Quiz Trippers got them back into the pub quiz scene! Could this be a positive effect of the show that perhaps we didn’t think about before hand?

Example.....A warm Thursday night, usually the weather and the fact that the quiz is not very well advertised usually means a poor attendance of maybe 6-7 teams. This week....packed! There were around 13-14 teams in play. Of course this cannot all be attributed to Quiz Trippers however I heard these comments....

At the bar  - “The Wife has been watching that new quizzy thing on channel 4 and she fancied trying one for herself”

In a team next to us – “We haven’t been down here for years, but we have been watching quiz trippers and its put us right in the mood again”

Those quotes are around about what was said but you get my point. Quiz Trippers could therefore bring in a wave of new players, improve competition and the quality of quizzing and help pub quizzing through this difficult time.

If it has any positive effect on the quiz scene in terms of people taking part at all, then that surely can only be a good thing!

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