Sunday, 24 July 2011

Help settle a debate.........

Hopefully someone out there will take my side in a quiz related debate I have been having with a friend.
This is what occurred........
At the local quiz a question was asked....What is the state capital of Hawaii? This was around question 15 of a 60 question quiz. Then around question 46.....What is the most populous city in Hawaii?
My friends first thought was.....that is lazy quiz writing. I begged to differ. Yes, the research into that question could have been taken from the same sentence in a reference book or indeed on Wikipedia but that doesn’t make it lazy quiz writing. In fact I think its a nifty little ploy.
I was quizzing without team mates to bounce answers off on this occasion but if I had this would have made a good debate. In my head I was thinking Honolulu must be the right answers, I was scratching my brain to think of other Hawaiian cities I knew. Was it a trick question? Could two answers be the same? It gets you thinking and that is why I think rather than being a lazy peice of quiz writing it was a good idea.  

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