Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Quiz Trippers Episode 2

Thank goodness for Channel 4 +1! After a session in the gym and a mistake involving my Sky Plus I had to scramble to catch this on the digital channel last night!

After a positive start on Monday the show moved on tot a better episode for its second show. All round I really enjoyed this edition and am really finding this series to be fun, enjoyable and interesting. Although the tensions between Lauren and Aud is a bit annoying and a bit "Big Brother" esque, it doesn't ruin the core of this episode which was a straight down the line pub quiz. After last night I was hoping for more questions and we got them and the team started to show their worth in most cases.

A simple quiz compared to last nights but a good one none the less. Quiz Trippers is indeed starting to be far better than I was anticipating! 

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