Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Which Questions Give You Most Satisfaction?

Now, don't ask me how, but a conversation I was having yesterday turned into a discussion on the various types of quiz questions out there and I was asked "So what question do you get the most pleasure out of?" and it really got me thinking so I thought I would open it up to readers.

In a normal quiz I see a few options for getting questions right........

a) An easy question. You just knew, pure and simple. Did not require thinking.
b) A hard question that few seem to know, but you do instantly.
c) A guess whether using educated guesses or not, a question you didn't know but managed to guess.
d) A question you argue with over a team mate, your answer gets the nod and you get it right.
e) A question you spend time trying to recall and mulling over and eventually get it at the last second.

Now obviously the definition of "easy" and "hard" is very loose indeed but I hope you get my point. My friend claimed the only questions that gave him any sort of "buzz" these days was questions he didn't know but was able to make educated guesses at. I saw his point to a certain extent and I must admit although I generally hate guessing, if I make a solid educated guess at a question using some form of logic and it turns out to be right, the it does give me more satisfaction than a question I just know! Don't ask me why but when the question master is going through the answer, the ones I know are right seem to have little impact but the ones I have made a good educated guess at always have me a bit excited to know if I am right!

However I take little pleasure from complete guesses being right so that category comes half and half for me.

I am not the sort either to argue with a team mate for more than is necessary over a question. Obviously both team mates, if arguing over an answer, have some logic behind it. I know a lot of people, and have played with a lot of people in teams, who are only there to prove they are better than team mates. Little care is given to the overall result as long as the team knows who is the best. Not my style at all.

Knowing a hard question is always satisfying. Having your long hard reading and studying work rewarded by a question that only you and a few others know is a good feeling and if you are keen on winning then its a point gained so even better.

However, the questions I prefer to get right and the ones that give me the most satisfaction are the ones which I have to rack my brains and really think about it get. The ones that may not come straight away but require a level of deducing, elimination and thought. Getting a question right after a few minutes thinking for me gives far more satisfaction that the ones that I know off the top of my head.

Thoughts of others? Is a right answer the same for you either way or do you take more pleasure in certain ones?

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