Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Quizzing - New Quiz - Found a new home for Tuesday Nights.....

Well, as always when a quiz is on the horizon, I was in a very good mood yesterday and even more so as the quiz we were attending last night was one I have been meaning to attend for some time. It was at the Southside Social Club in Easington Village. Here is a link to the street view of the place on google as I cannot for the life of me find a picture of it online....

Southside Social Club

Anyway the funny thing about this quiz is that I am a member of the club, have been going for years and my family have been members there for longer than I have been born. But it just so happens with the quiz being quite late on a Tuesday and Easington being the next village away from me I have never got round to going.

But alas last night we gave it a go and I must say, it was right up my street!

The quiz takes a simple format. 60 General Knowledge questions.....making it one of the few round here not to use pictures and/or music. There is no entry fee, thus the prizes are a quite reasonable 10 pint cheques, followed by 6 and 4 with a couple for the team in second off last.  It starts around 9.15 pm for anyone in the local are wishing to go and the quizmaster, who according to the sheet is John, does a good job of just getting through the questions. The pace is good, there is not too much sitting around waiting for the next set or a massive interval inbetweeen...its just a quick fire general knowledge quiz!

How about the questions then? Well it covered last night a range of areas from current affairs and history to usual quiz fodder such as American State Capitals and Capital Cities. There is a nice range of questions, one or two with bonus points and towards the end there are questions worth 2,3,4 and 5 points which last night were things such as 5 countries with the highest Jewish Population, first 4 novels by Rushdie etc etc. Really good mix.

I thoroughly enjoyed this quiz and Southside Social Club was busier than I imagined  showing it must be in a good state. The only one minor complaint I have about it, and its very minor as I found this to be a superb quiz, was the fact the opening 5 questions are too easy and he seemed to give away another 6-7 points to make sure teams got a score of some sort. For instance...."Which Global conflict took place between 1939-45?" and "Which newspaper shut recently mind hacking allegations?". Plus just as a matter of personal taste, there were three question on Captain Pugwash which is a bit overkill. Easy questions gets the quiz started I suppose but its only a minor gripe as in all this was an excellent quiz and I shall be returning to the Southside Social Club in Easington Village on a weekly basis for a quiz fix!

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