Thursday, 14 July 2011

Quiz Trippers 3

Into the third show and probably the easiest quiz of the week for the team. There seemed to be more quizzing action in this episode than the other two of the week and I am still enjoying this.

This episode saw the team in Dundee at a Student Quiz of sorts and the questions seemed to be much easier than previous weeks reflected by the fact that not only was I getting most right, but the Quiz Trippers were too. It was a close call and the Trippers managed to get into another tie break. Which resulted in a ……paper aeroplane race?

Now the first think people will suggest is that this was staged for the camera, however at my Student Quizzes the same thing would happen. Tie Breaks would be silly things so maybe it wasn’t staged as such but it sure did make for convenient television. I never liked the idea of a quiz ending in a random challenge but nevertheless it was something different.

Aud and Lauren are starting to grate a little but luckily the show focused more on the quiz last night.

I know a lot of “serious” quizzers are suggesting this is a whole load of rubbish but pure and simply, it is what was to be expected. Anyone expecting anything different from a teatime channel 4 show was kidding themselves. Its light hearted entertainment based around quizzing. It was never going to be “Eggheads-on-tour”, it was never going to be Mastermind type intellectual wise but it doesn’t pretend to be.

I will be watching for sure as the weeks go on!

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