Friday, 22 July 2011

If you overhear an answer..................

Now, when it comes to quizzing I am a bit of a purist I suppose like most quizzers. In the quiz room I do not like receiving any help from anyone outside the team, hate when quizmasters give out answers and cannot abide cheating. However, what happens when you hear an answer or are told an answer that you simply cannot avoid hearing? Do you put it down?

Now, I will give you the scenario I was in last night. The venue was the Southside Social Club and it was the break after 25 questions. I knew at this point, from talking to the locals that it was a tough quiz to win and being only really myself (my girlfriend was with me but she isn't into quizzing at all!) I knew I did not have a hope of winning. I walked to the bar to get a mid quiz pint when I heard this....

----To Barman "That Creedence Clearwater Revival'll be Bad Moon rising won't it?".....

Now, the guy asking the question was not playing the quiz. Earlier a question had come up asking for the name of Creedence Clearwater Revival's first number one record (I think). I honestly did not know exposing a huge blackspot in my knowledge, the song is way before my time and I just have never been interested in the band so it never has been in my mind. I could not even guess because of my lack of knowledge of the band. 

But suddenly thanks to the bloke at the bar, I had heard the answer, or an answer, which I could  not avoid. Do I go back and put it down or do I simply stick to my guns and ignore it? What would you do in this scenario?

What I choose to do was ignore it. I wanted a fair score and a fair placing in the rankings and I would never have said Bad Moon rising in a million years and being the first time at Southside Social Club in Easington Village I wanted to see where I genuinely would have come. To me hearing that answer was akin to going on my phone and finding the name of Captain Pughwash's creator which was another question I didn't know. I wouldn't consider using the phone ever so I decided not to use the answer I had heard. 

What would others do in that situation? 

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