Saturday, 30 July 2011

North East Quiz Nights - Update

A few days ago I posted of my intention to amass a database of North East Quiz Nights to enable anyone in the north east looking for a quiz to have a simple, easy to use site where they can hunt down what quiz is on when and maybe a review or two so they know what to expect.

The response so far has been good with a thanks to Clive Dunning who has been in touch about a big quiz in October with a £300 prize fund to take place at the Buffs club Stockton. I will certainly post more details as and when I can and will be trying to attend this. Thanks Clive!

Also Anthony Gold from the Sunderland Echo Quiz League has been in tough. I have emailed Anthony on a previous occasion and the league is something I am definitely interested in playing in. For now though check out the website at if you are interested in.


Just lastly, as I continue to work on my database of Pub Quiz in the North East, I will add odds and ends on this blog for anyone looking for a quiz night. I have reviews of various quizzes local to me all across this blog but some short sharp reviews just to keep you going....

Moorcock, Peterlee (Sunday Nights) - 20 Pictures, 40 Questions and a Jackpot. A well attended quiz hosted by Bob Garrigan (?) who has been doing quizzes in this area for a long time. good range of questions plus a free hot buffet! Decent cash prizes!

Southside Social Club, Easington Village (Tuesday Nights)- 60 questions, free entry and pint cheque prizes. Nice mix of general knowledge questions and a good turn out.

Chaplins, Sunderland (Thursday Nights) - Ran by a friend of mine, a quiz I will attend weekly when my driving is sorted. Great turn out, good mix of questions, wipeout rounds, cash prizes and a jackpot.

If anyone wants to get in touch with information on other North East Quizzes Please do!

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