Friday, 29 July 2011

Pub Quiz Machine Guide - Part 3

Its been a while since I made an entry into my series looking at the pub quiz machine located in most bars around the country. I have reviewed Battleships and Eliminator thus far and today will have a quick review of another common game. The 1 vs 100 pub quiz machine version!

Anyone who has seen the show on tv, which I rather enjoy, knows the basic premise of this. Its you the player vs one hundred people. You are given multiple choice questions (3 options), if you get it right you stay on the game and whoever gets it wrong out of the 100 is eliminated so 1 vs 100 quickly becomes 1 vs 73, 1 vs 43 etc etc. If you get down to and defeat the 100 you go into a money game where you have to eliminate all the pairs of amounts and whatever is left at the end you win!

So how hard is it and how likely are you to win anything on the pub quiz machine for your 50p?

It starts off very easy and anyone with a basic general knowledge will get to 1 vs 60 easily. Its then the game goes one of two ways. The questions doe get genuinely well written, some of the finest on the whole machine. You have 2 Dodge’s to play with meaning you can avoid the question whilst still making progress and also a Double which means you can use one of your answers to take away double the normal amount.

The stopper questions as usual are the ones to get you and they are bad here! I got a question along the lines of,  “How much, after tax did Steve Mcmanaman earn in January 1999? A. £242,050 B)  £243, 100 C) £244, 400. Pure guess work, only if you have taken the Dodges to this stage will you have a chance. Sometimes though the machine wants you to win and gives you tough questions (but gettable) between 1 vs 60 and 1vs 30 and then ease you home with some easy one’s! Its tough to call!

Overall a fun game with a horrible tendency to rob you!

Fix watch

-          When you double you will always get 4 eliminations

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